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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?
Our repairs are priced competitively. Our up front Free Consultation will give us a good idea of the problem. From there we will quote you a very competative price far below the Apple store prices.
What if my Mac has multiple problems?
If your Mac has other problems, we will contact you before any work is done. If you’re having an issue with your CD/DVD drive, hard drive, keyboard, trackpad, or another miscellaneous part, again, we will contact you before any repair is done.
Does the price include parts and labor?
We will contact you before any parts or labor is done. If you have a complex issue that our Quote can’t handle, email or call us and we’ll get you a custom price quote.
How can I trust someone other than Apple?
We have lots of experience with Apple equipment and software, you mac will be safe with us.
How long will it take?
The time estimates for many repairs take three to ten days. Each repair is different. Several factors will impact the speed of your repair, sometimes we find further issues and end up needing to perform further repairs.
What if you can’t fix it?
We can fix most any problem there is, but in case there is the rare chance of not fixing it, you will only be charged our mininum Diagnostic fee of $40.
Are there hidden fees?
Absolutely not. If you have a complex issue email or call us and we’ll get you a custom price quote.

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