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Receive high-quality professional services, from Laurence A. Frey and Staff, based in Sacramento, CA.

Whether your project is large or small, autos, collectors photos, sports or family, our team of experts can provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done right! Our track record for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise make insurmountable tasks possible to overcome.

Our multifaceted company is here to assist by providing a wide range of services at affordable prices. To speak with an experienced member of our staff, simply contact us at your earliest convenience.

PHOTO Enlargements
Color • Black & White

Low Prices...Fast Shipping

8x11 Photo...... $3.00
11x17 Photo...... $12.00
13x19 Photo...... $16.00
24x32 Photo...... $22.00

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Sacramento, CA
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